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Invitation to user study:

Exploration of time-oriented data in immersive virtual reality

In a nutshell

What: user interaction study
Why: to investigate usability and user engagement of a 3D user interface enabling the exploration of time-oriented data in virtual reality (VR)
How: testing live our developed VR prototype (overall study duration ~ 45-55 min)
Who: Nico Reski, [VRxAR Labs] research group at Linnaeus University
Where: Room D2269A, D-building, Campus Växjö, Linnaeus University
When: 25.02.2020 - 12.03.2020

In detail

Within the scope of Nico's doctoral research at the VRxAR Labs research group at Linnaeus University, we are currently investigating 3D user interface design approaches in order to explore and navigate time-oriented data within the context of Immersive Analytics, i.e., using immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) to promote analytical processes and reasoning. Therefore we developed an interactive VR prototype that enables the user to explore time-oriented data using a 3D Radar Chart approach, inspired by traditional radar chart visualizations (also known as spider chart or Kiviat diagram). The VR applications utilizes 3D gestural input to allow the user to interact with the objects in the virtual environment by (naturally) using hands.

In order to collect data about the developed prototype in action, we are conducting one-on-one user interaction studies. A study session will have a duration of approximately 45 to 55 minutes. During the study session the participant will test live, hands-on, the developed VR prototype and its different interaction modes to complete a set of tasks (~ 30 min), as well as completing a few questionnaires afterwards. Please note that the nature of the developed VR prototype requires the participant to 1) wear a head-mounted display (HMD; "VR headset", specifically a HTC Vive in this case), and 2) use hands for the interaction with the virtual objects (no additional sensors need to be attached to the participant themself). No specific prior knowledge is required, everyone can participate.

If you are interested in participating, please feel free to sign up for the study. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, either via email or by simply stopping by Nico's office (Room D2269A, D-building, Campus Växjö). We also accept drop in participation (if our schedule allows it).


Research and study conduction: Nico Reski
Supervision: Aris Alissandrakis, Andreas Kerren

Sign-up via email or simply drop in (D2269A)

(Note: In case the sign up link does not open your default email application, please send an email with the subject "[3DTimeUI-Study2020] Participation request" and proposed date and time for your study participation to nico [dot] reski [at] lnu [dot] se.)

Prototype preview photo

Immersive Analytics - Time UI: 3D Radar Chart Prototype Preview

Prototype preview video