We are surrounded by complex and "invisible" computing systems that influence our everyday lives. Digital data and information are produced, processed and practiced in diverse contexts and scenarios. Within the VRxAR Labs research group, we explore and investigate interface design approaches to enable data visualization and interaction in smart environments with a focus on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

VR environments enable the user to immerse into a completely computer generated (virtual) world, thus visually isolating the user from the real world environment. AR extends and enhances real world environments by adding supplemental virtual information: interactively, in three dimensions, and in real-time. Virtual objects in an AR environment align accordingly with real ones and thus seem to coexist in the same space. Mixed Reality combines aspects of both Virtual and Augmented Reality, where physical and digital objects coexist and interact in real-time.


  • comparative user interaction study of our VR interface (ODxVR) was conducted (26.04. - 21.06.2017) [SIGN-UP]
  • Nico Reski attended the VR Sci_Fest at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (May 2017) [news] [link]
  • research group is established, and LNU web page is published (May 2016) [link]
  • New smartphone app aims to increase public engagement in local issues (June 2016) [news]
  • Virtual Reality will make Open Data more visible and valuable (May 2016)[news]




Aris Alissandrakis
VRxAR Labs
Department of Media Technology
Faculty of Technology
Linnaeus University, Växjö, SWEDEN